The Government wants to accelerate the delivery of new homes, particularly for young people anxious to get on the housing ladder, and for older people wishing to down-size but remain in their own neighbourhood. A significant contribution to solving this housing crisis could be through the provision of a new generation of high quality garden villages, providing attractive and accessible places for people to live and work.

Garden villages are meant to be different. They are specifically designed to deliver communities, not just housing estates and to add value to the wider area. The garden village approach has many environmental and social advantages. The Government believes, and so do we, that garden villages can bring ‘the real and important benefits that people rightly expect – quality design with cutting edge technology, local employment opportunities, accessible green space near homes, high quality public realm.’

It is widely accepted there is a shortage of homes across the country, and there is a need to find locations for homes and communities to be built sustainably.

The Government’s support for garden villages recognises the need to accelerate the construction of new homes for local people, and Deenethorpe Airfield has been identified as an appropriate site to locate such a village.